S T E P H E N  H A R V E Y  L O N D O N

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In this virtual exhibition which explores a broader art narrative, none of these  artworks exist in our material world. They have been created and then destroyed to exist in the ether on this website.


These artworks are the artist and like humanity, ephemeral but unlike humanity, artworks will now reverberate on the internet around the universe as zeros and ones, offsetting humanities the great opportunity to no longer to be I.


All sketches, notes, maquettes connected in the production of these exhibits and future artworks have been or will be destroyed in due course, to further the Virtual Exhibitions aim, of exploration that constitutes the artist’s own subjectivity as, chewing gum or cannon fodder for evolution.


Past works are marked with an asterisk (*) and are in private collections. All Soundscapes are and will be recorded on CD.


Nonexistent past and future works can be viewed on this website, together with a short video of deconstructed pieces entitled A Transient Passage of Time.


The gestation of proposed Ephemeral Art can be viewed only on Instagram  stephenharveyuk at regular intervals.


Future works will be Ephemerised by the date shown on Instagram unless reserved through Instagram or via this website.



Virtual exhibition