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Daybreak is an installation focusing on ecology and the future of our planet Earth. Daybreak comprises of 13 pieces of artwork which blend with 13 narrated soundscapes lasting approximately 50 mins, unfolding to tell the fable that is Daybreak.


The premise of Daybreak is that man is destroying the Earth by plundering its natural resources and as a result of which, Gaia/Nature is bleeding to death.


Gaia decides to defend herself and put an end to mans never ending depletion of the Earth's resources. She introduces a deadly toxin, Amanita Virosa, into humanity with the result that humanity will perish and finally be extinguished from existence.

When man has been eliminated their souls will be left to aimlessly wander in the ether, trying to determine what has happened. Lost souls are seeking each other and a theological resolution to their dilemma.


Eventually God makes himself known. He is surprised that Nature has acted to annihilate His creations, so decides to confront Gaia. A battle of wills proceeds.


With no conclusion he gathers his children/souls and takes them on a sojourn to a place that he will preside over.


Gaia, now alone in the universe, sets out a natural evolution to the cosmos and starts to heal herself and clear up mans detritus.

While God and Gaia have been preoccupied with each other, morning has broken . . . . DAYBREAK . . . . the Artist of Ideas.